Bishop Auckland and District Gun Club
Founded 1962
Affiliated to Durham and Cleveland smallbore rifle association

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Contact Details

Unfortunately due to the large number of new members who have joined recently, we are unable to accept any new members at present. The Club contact details will be updated when we start to accept new members again.

Please note that air rifles are not permitted on the range. We do not arrange one off shooting lessons for groups or individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I come to look around ?
We allocate the first Tuesday in each month for prospective members to come along and have a look around. You must contact us by email prior to coming along - we do not allow unannounced visits. If you apply for membership, you will be able to come the following week and shoot.

Can I shoot on my first visit ?
Unfortunately you are not allowed to shoot on your first visit unless you are known to a Club member. You will need to come along and have a look around first - you would then be be able to shoot on your next visit.

How much does it cost ?
Ammunition costs £ 5.00 per box of 50. Guests nights cost £ 5 plus £ 1 per ten rounds.

What types of gun would I be able to shoot if I became a member
Members have a variety of guns - bolt action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, lever action rifles (cowboy rifles). The Club has a selection of all of these available for members to use.